Hear what our clients have to say...

Hear what our clients have to say...


Mary’s expertise & knowledge of the industry are remarkable, dependable and have been invaluable to our bottom line, saving us over $50,000 a year in CC fees, Labor and redundancy, she is only 2nd to my CPA.
— Steve, Retail - Since 2011

Mon Cheri has been processing our Credit cards with Bridal Merchant Services for nine years. Mary Critchley has provided our company with huge five figure savings each year. No bank has been able to meet the rates nor provide the incredible daily personal service BMS supplies. We are pitched monthly by competing services but they cannot match the savings and we would never switch. When you find something this wonderful you stick with it!
— Stephen L Lang, CEO

Fournier Financial is a refreshing needed piece of mind, when she controls 90% of our receivables, Mary & her staff are always there for me, to me the great savings is a plus.
— Mary, Manufacturer - 2013

Team Fournier Financial paid my early termination fee, saved me $6K a year, upgraded my 4 credit card machines for free. She has been there with urgency for the past 6 years, I am done jumping companies.
— Sharon, Retail - since 2009

We struggled during the slower season, Mary was able to deposit a cash advance into my account, I was able to meet the manufacture’s requirements for spring inventory & make upgrades to the store that gives a wow factor to my clients. Thrilled, thank you Mary.
— Jennifer, retail - since 2006

Service Service Service, I have been in business for 30 years, I have a dependable adviser in Fournier Financial, Chris calls my business every 3 months… Who does that anymore?
— Bob, Retail - Since 2012

Mary asked me to give her 30 days to experience Fournier Financial & see the savings... 9 years later people try to beat my rates, I never hear back from those folks.
— Eric, Wholesale - Since 2006

We Switched away from Mary’s Group after 5 years of processing when our Bank promised us the moon, and stuck me in a lease. Went back to Mary, again she saved me $450 a month, paid my ETF to come back. She treated me like a long lost sister, it won’t happen again.
— Lisa, Retail - Since 2013

I was the skeptic, I wanted the $1000, instead I saved $400 a month back into my business. Thank you for the savings and service!
— Karen, Retail - 2014