Our Exclusive Benefits Package

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Our Exclusive Benefits Package

Created by the demand of our clients

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Our Services

  • Free Equipment Program

Enjoy the nations only TRUE Free Equipment Program!  Fournier Financial provides completely FREE pre-programmed equipment to each and every merchant that joins our team.  As of October 1st, 2015, every merchant in the country is required to have a EMV (SmartCard) capable terminal or software in their location.  If you are not using complaint terminals or software, the liability of all of your card sales shifts from the processor to the business.  Make sure you are protected by having your equipment replaced for FREE. 

  • Early Termination Fees Paid

Fournier Financial has pulled out all of the stops for you to be able to start savings money and experiencing the difference.  We will pay your Early Termination Fee from your previous processor so you can switch to us right away.

  • No Term Agreement

We are so confident that you will love the services and fees with Fournier Financial that we have No Term Agreement.  Try us out for 30 days and let us compare your new fees with your previous processor at the end of the month to see first hand.

  • American Express Full Aquiring

We now can accept a merchants American Express processing at a lower cost than going direct with AMEX.  Many merchants do not accept American Express because of the high fees that they charge to accept those transactions. Along with having a lower processing cost for American Express, those transactions will now show up on your Visa/MasterCard statement instead of receiving separate statements, making your accounting easier.  If you accept American Express, and are still going direct (if you receive an American Express Statement), you can have an instant savings by moving to this new AMEX program. 

  • Next Day Funding

Get faster access to your funds with our Next Day Funding Program with NO extra service fees.

Did you know that most processors hold your money for 48-72 hours before funding your credit card.

Next Day Funding means your funds are available the very next day.

  • ChargeBack Monitoring 

At Fournier Financial we are extremely proud of our success rate for our merchants on winning chargebacks for them. Over the last year we have a 98% Chargeback Win Rate on our merchants behalf. If you do receive a chargeback, please contact BMS, and we will work with the chargeback dept on your behalf to help win the decision.

  • $1000 Rate Guarantee

Always remember that with Bridal Merchant Services you are protected by our $1000 Rate Guarantee with FREE EQUIPMENT and NO ANNUAL FEES, that says you have the best rates in the industry... guaranteed!!!

  • Cash Advance on Future Credit Card Processing

enable you to generate the working capital your business needs for growth and success. Our funding partners work with merchants to purchase a preset amount of their Visa® and MasterCard® credit card receivables, engergizing your business with the cash you need now while waiting several months or years for the funds to be paid back.

Business cash advance is one of the easiest and most popular methods for small business financing available today. The cash advance business has gained increased popularity and exposure as merchants' continue to seek alternative sources for their business financing. The outcome provides merchant's with even more cash to grow and expand!

  • Rate Monitoring

We are Pro-Active, every quater clients regardless of size, have their rates reviewed, reduced when available & letting our clients know if there is something they should be doing to reduce fees.  Giving Fournier Financial the award of excellence in retension. We don't want our clients switching providers any more than they want to


It's Mandatory for the security of our business as of Oct 1, 2015. This is when the Liability has shifted from the processor to the business owner if there is a breach or Fraud.  If you are NOT using an EMV terminal or reader for software you are expremly volunerable. It includes new technolwedgy which allows you to accept every form of payments available Our Free Placement Terminal allow you to accept chip cards, Google wallet, Apple Pay & pay pal. Tip~ Never lease or purchase a terminal, the industry is changing too fast.

  • PCI

It is confusing, it is mandatory & it can be expensive .  We hold our clients hands when it comes to the annual compliance scans & serveys . We find it lessens the burden and frustration for all parties.

Tip~Mark your calendar a week or two before your annual scan expires

  • Client Care

Our highley educated client care staff will reeach out to you every 3 months. We check in on our busy clients. We find you may have ment to call us, but your busy daily operations put us on the side burner.


Fournier Financial is a refreshing needed piece of mind, when she controls 90% of our receivables, Mary & her staff are always there for me, to me the great savings is a plus.
— Mary, Manufacturer - Since 2013