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Passion. Experience. Diligence.

About Us

Our mission is to help your business & the entire community as a whole excel.  Keeping you ahead of the technology & the new laws with superior rates & service.

We are very proud that we have recently expanded and reinvested back into the industry. We don’t spend a ton of money on marketing as our growth is based on our client’s referrals, which allows us to be extremely cost effective.

My 20 years of knowledge, service and exceptional rates, has earned Fournier Financial several accolades for exceptional service and retention Ditch the big banks and hit & run sales agent. We promise a helping hand when it comes to 95% of your receivables. Fournier Financial is pro-active not re-active. Our highley educated client care staff will reach out to you every 3 months. We check in on our busy clients. We find you may have ment to call us, but your busy daily operations put us on the side burner.



Animal rescue is at the heart of the Founder Mary K Fournier. Proceeds from every Client that is involved in animal care/rescue is returned to the business.

As the sole sponsor of "Miss Dream Cruise" we empower young women for success.

If you have a passion for a special cause, send us an email, each month we make a donation on behalf of one of our clients


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Mary Fournier



Director of Compliance & Risk

Christopher Irvine



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Director of Operations

Jacque Aikin



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Director of Client Development & Media

Paris Aikin