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Grow with our 25 years of award-winning client services

Your peace of mind, with our exceptionally honest rates.


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Our Promise to Add Value to your members & success for all

By establishing the highest standards for service, integrity and rates, Fournier Financial has enjoyed one of the most well respected reputations in the merchant services industry.

Your job is to run your business, not to worry about payment processing. Fournier Financial has eliminated all the apprehensions associated with processing credit cards.

Free Equipment Placement

Early Termination Fees Paid

Never a Term Agreement

American Express Full Acquiring

Rate Monitoring


Same Day/Next Day Funding

Chargeback Monitoring

$1000 Rate PROMISE

Cash Advance On Future Credit

    Card Processing

No Risk Fees/NO Funding Fees

Client Care, Never call a stranger. We are dedicated to your success

Our Services

The Industries We are Dedicated to

Wholesale Group Pricing is the healthiest program in the Complicated Merchant Services Industry, backed by no term agreement & our famous $1000 rate guarantee/Promise.

Since 1997, we've been providing merchants nationwide with state-of-the-art solutions that are user friendly, reliable and compliant. Like so many of our clients, you too can maximize your business's operations with the most innovative and trusted payment processing  back by transparent accessible client services.

Our dedicatedMarkets that we are dedicated to providing our 25 year of Experience & Exclusive Pricing

Bridal Merchant Services

​✔ Formal Wear Association

Prom Merchant Services

Motor Merchant Services

Snow Dogs Merchant Services

K9 Merchant Services

Catholic Merchant Services

All Sports Merchant Services

DDS Merchant Services

NAB PayAnywhere

Transport Merchant Services

Cardnet Services

T10 Merchant Services

Miss Dream Cruise


We have a passion for helping the Industries we Love.

If you're interested in information on Fournier Financial providing extraordinary rates and service to your group or Association click below.

Learn more about how we can help your organization grow and prosper, adding a wonderful value to your members

Our Vision

About Us

Our mission is to help your business & the entire community as a whole excel.  Keeping you ahead of the technology & the new laws with superior rates & service.

We are very proud that we have recently expanded and reinvested back into the industry. We don’t spend a ton of money on marketing as our growth is based on our client’s referrals, which allows us to be extremely cost effective.

Our 25 years of knowledge, service and exceptional rates, has earned Fournier Financial several accolades for exceptional service and retention. Ditch the big banks and hit & run sales agent. We promise a helping hand when it comes to 95% of your receivables. Fournier Financial is pro-active not re-active. Our highly educated client care staff will reach out to you every 3 months. We check in on our busy clients. We find you may have meant to call us, but your busy daily operations put us on the side burner.

Giving Back

Animal rescue is at the heart of the Founder Mary K Fournier, for over 30 years.

Proceeds from every Client that is involved in animal care/rescue is returned to the business.

As the sole sponsor of "Miss Dream Cruise" we empower young women for success.

If you have a passion for a special cause, send us an email, each month we make a donation on behalf of one of our clients

About Us



We are Excited to Connect with you

Tel/Text:  248-515-0600      800.644.0225

Fax  661.462.1800

Learn about our Exclusive residual share program or $300 Referral Check, Pay it forward

Success is when it is reached together

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